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Let There Be Light


Lamps are essential commodities to beautify the house. It is the latest in lighting. Floor or desk lamps can be kept in any room depending on the requirements. Many times, people ignore floor desk lamps when decorating or redecorating their homes. They are the latest inclusion in homes today. Even in offices floor or table lamps give the required touch of style and elegance required for an office setup.


Gone are the days where offices were brightly lit. Now the halls and the seating area gets light as per the requirements. One can argue the look can be a little too subdued, but this kind of floor lighting can give the office space a very serious business kind of look. Such lamps are also used in elite or good hotels to give the place a renewed and aesthetic feel. There are an abundant variety of such lamps available in the market to choose from.

Do's and don'ts

It is very important to first decide on the type of atmosphere you want to create. Both in office space and in homes. One then needs to decide the kind of lamps you need as there are multiple varieties of lamps available. Depends upon the color of the walls your furniture and the types of walls. The kind of designs available can confuse you but one needs to fit the lamps according to the atmosphere in the room. The lamps can be designed to according to your choice. There are many such interior decorators and trendy shops which can do that for you.

Always the latest and the new designs may not be the best choice. Like if one has many indoor plants and artifacts in the room can alter the selection of lamps. There are many images uploaded in the web to help you choose and decide the design best suited for your homes. There is the choice of bulbs too is mandatory as the amount of light is crucial for the rooms. In other words, the amount of light required for every room or corner too depends on the what the area is for.

That may become easy, but it also poses a problem regarding which will fit in the place you have in mind. All rooms are not equal in size and neither the décor is the same. For example, bedroom décor requires desk lamp and floor lamps to help maintain the mood. Reading becomes easy with the table lamp and the floor lamps or wall lights can help create or maintain the ambiance. Lamps come in different sizes and shapes which also can create the desired hue or can affect the illumination.

Many offices are now going green or eco-friendly. These can also affect the lighting and costs. Budgets too are important to choose the right kind of lighting. The electrical wires i.e. fitting, and fixtures too can affect the choice of lamps. Because most of the houses come with fittings. Changing them could sometime become a problem so the lamps need to be customized accordingly. Extra wiring can increase the price and sometimes can damage the walls. Though companies like ours take extra care to give the best fit with the least amount of alteration. But a plan of the kind of lights you need before painting the walls can really help in selection.






Lamps can be used to give a new look to your homes. People need not always need to change homes or color of the walls for effect. Just altering and adding some floor lamps can create magic.


Rooms too can be easily changed from a sitter to study or to a meditational room, just by altering the lamps. Similarly, with office spaces, one can make or change any room with just minor changes of lights. Even the illumination outside of the office buildings can be adorned with the proper use of lamps and lights.


Lamps are designed to be used both inside and outside a room. Especially during festivals and occasions, the lamps can alter the mood and the setting of any room. Every time an occasion presents itself mostly all go on to change the furnishings and wall color. Very few decide to change the lighting and the lamps