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Company Information


Our mission is to cater to customer needs and satisfy the buyers. We customize and help our customers to decide and choose the right kind of lamps for their offices or homes.


We guarantee a smooth transition from normal looking house to an elegant and stylish one with our suggestions and ideas. It is very important to us to keep our customers happy, as that is what gives us more business.


The use of fittings and fixtures also are of the top quality. We also help maintain the look of the wall as many a time adding new fixtures can damage the wall and paint too. Giving the best lamps in the given budget too is our specialty.

Many of them especially those who live in small apartments come with unique demands of lamps. We have experts who can help them to get the best. There are many new customers who want to try out new variants of lighting and lamps for their homes, which we help them with.

We are very concerned about the depleting and misuse of energy. So, our mission is also to minimize the use of too much of lighting. We also try to guide customers to follow it to get the maximum out of eco-friendly products. Similarly, all our packaging material to is recycled to save paper and other materials. We collect the packages back from our customers to reuse them. This has also inspired many depending industries to do their bit for conservation.

Most of the shops are brightly lit to advertise and showcase the different lamps. This causes a huge amount of power consumption which is unfavorable. We minimize and limit the lights used in our godowns shops and dispatch units to help preserve our resources. This is thus our mission to show how the use of lamps can be both costs effective as well as environment-friendly.